Who We Are

Our transition from orchard to market

How It All Began

In the fall of 1952, two brothers began selling apples and peaches just south of Carbondale, Illinois on Route 51. Clyde and George Arnold owned and operated various orchards throughout Southern Illinois in Union, Williamson and Jackson counties. Originally used as a packing facility for produce their orchards provided, this prime location was only being utilized a few months out of the year.

Realizing all the potential this location possessed, a man named Richard Conley saw a great opportunity. In the fall of 1972, Conley approached Clyde Arnold with the vision of starting a small convenience store off of Highway 51. Well aware of the significance that Arnold’s Orchard already held in the minds of the locals in Southern Illinois, Mr. Conley chose to honor the locations history and named the store Arnold’s Market. Richard Conley’s idea would take the location from a small fruit stand with a garage door to the grocery store that it has become today.

Still Going Strong

Arnold’s Market is proud to be one of the few remaining small, independent, grocery retailers in Southern Illinois. The business has expanded many times, with several additions over the last 40 years. Even with the rerouting of Highway 51 and the opening of larger, corporate stores in the area, Arnold’s Market continues to thrive thanks to their selection of choice cut meats and wide range of groceries as well as their flexibility in meeting customers’ needs.